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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and securing the benefits for our annuitants.


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All of our administrative functions are performed in-house within the U.S., allowing our teams to be highly responsive to the unique needs of our clients and annuitants.

Customer service metric highlights

Our purpose

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service to meet the needs of our 130,000+ annuitants and help secure their financial futures. Through our commitment to offering dedicated assistance, we aim to support our plan sponsors and provide long-term value for our stakeholders. 

As of 12/31/22, our retirement services team has a call center rating of 4.95 out of 5 stars and an NPS score of 74. These scores are based on our caller satisfaction surveys.




Customer service team spotlight


We have highlighted three employees from our retirement services team for Q3 2022. Check back to see next quarter's featured retirement services!

"What does customer service mean to you?"



Retirement Services Analyst


"Customer Services to me means that I treat our annuitants, those who call on their behalf or others within our company, in a friendly, helpful, professional and positive way. While I always work to listen to concerns and resolve needs and issues efficiently and effectively, I believe excellent customer service leaves every caller feeling important, respected and heard and gives us an opportunity to make a difference in their day. It is serving people with excellence. I am also very conscious of the fact that at that moment, I am the face of Legal & General and the PRT department, so it is very important that every interaction leaves a positive impression that can have lasting effects.”




Retirement Services Associate


"Excellent customer service, at a minimum, means listening carefully to customers and going above and beyond to accommodate their needs."




Retirement Services Associate


"Customer service means more than just a friendly face over the phone. It means that every one of our annuitants is treated like family and provided exceptional service, kindness and respect."