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Charitable Giving 2021: A Year in Review at Legal & General Retirement America

At LGRA, we aim to use our financial strength to not only ensure a secure retirement for our participants, but to also ensure a better future for the communities we work and live in.

Over $18,000 In LGRA donations raised in 2021 through our charitable

A year in review

We are proud to announce that we have raised over $18,000 through our charitable giving initiatives in 2021.

Each year, LGRA participates in annual charitable giving initiatives alongside sister businesses Legal & General America and Legal & General Investment Management America in addition to our UK-based parent company, Legal & General and its Legal & General Retirement Institutional (LGRI) division.

Some of the charitable events LGRA has participated in in 2021:

  • Summer challenge* – employees across LGRA and LGRI were encouraged to complete various wellness activities and challenges
  • Winter wellness initiative* – LGRA and LGRI employees were encouraged to take 30 minutes each day for 30 days to participate in wellness activities and hobbies they enjoy
  • Year-end charity drive supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford – comprised of in-person and virtual games and festive activities
  • Share the Sunrise event – for watching the sunset and taking a photo, LGRA made a $100 donation to our local National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) chapters in Southwest CT and Frederick MD
  • 5k sponsorship – a virtual 5k to support the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford

*As LGRI-organized initiatives, these funds were not included in LGRA’s charitable giving total for 2021.

Corporate social responsibility at LGRA

LGRA strives to support our employees in charity organizations they are passionate about. A few ways we aim to accomplish this is by:

  • Offering two paid volunteer days annually for approved volunteer service
  • Donation matching
  • Taking charitable giving requests to donate to on behalf of LGRA

LGRA’s charitable giving initiatives are all employee-led and a great way for employees to become involved in the process of planning and execution of donations and events.

Learn more about our latest charitable giving initiative here.

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