Legal & General Retirement America

Providing Pension Risk Transfer solutions since 2015

Legal & General Retirement America is the US institutional retirement division of Legal & General Group. We're in the business of helping companies mitigate pension risk and insuring the financial future of their annuitants.

Our joint US and UK PRT monitor is here

Recent updates

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US and UK PRT Market Momentum Continues

Our full-year global PRT monitor shows rising momentum in the US and UK Pension Risk Transfer markets.

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LGRA Closes out 2022 with $2 Billion in PRT Transactions

LGRA completes a landmark year in 2022 for the U.S. PRT market with $2 billion in total PRT premiums.

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LGRA Completes $145m PRT Deal with Rolls Royce

LGRA announces a $145 million plan termination with Rolls Royce North America Inc.

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What do we do?

LGRA is in the Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) industry. We provide solutions for companies looking to de-risk their pension plan and improve benefit security for its members. 


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